Description of Services Offered



Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) & ABA Treatment Plan: The FBA identifies functional relations between challenging behavior and environment through data gathered from the following sources: Interviews, file review, direct observation, and functional analysis. Behavior Analyst develops an in-depth report that summarizes findings, identifies objectives to be mastered, and makes recommendations for research-based ABA interventions designed to reduce at-risk behavior and increase appropriate adaptive skill repertoires. If treatment is recommended, Behavior Analyst develops function-based intervention plan.

Ongoing ABA Services: The focus of ABA treatment is to stabilize behavior and build appropriate response repertoires through direct and indirect intervention. Behavior Analyst works directly with client and provides ongoing training and support for family, teachers, & staff.

Behavior Analyst assists with stimulus transfer, generalization, and maintenance skills, monitors/strengthens procedural integrity, makes data-based adjustments to treatment plan to improve efficacy, participates in person-centered planning meetings and medical appointments as needed, supervises behavior technicians as needed, and provides consultation for crisis situations. Treatment typically lasts from 6-12 months. Active parental/caretaker involvement in treatment is critical and will be expected in order to facilitate generalization and maintenance of emerging skill repertoires.

Special Presentations/Training: Beacon also offers on-site group training in a number of ABA specialty areas including positive behavior supports, functional assessment, data collection, ABA technology to address language deficits, and autism.


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