Our Mission



Beacon Behavioral Consultants’ mission is to respect the dignity and well-being of each individual served by designing and implementing individualized. research-based behavioral programs that promote independence in maintaining healthy, safe and meaningful lives.

Beacon Behavioral Consultants (BBC) will work to accomplish this mission by recognizing that the values and principles outlined below are the cornerstone of our services. BBC subcontractors and employees will act with professionalism, integrity, and honesty to achieve and maintain the level of credibility that is required to fulfill this organization’s mission.

  • A “person-centered focus” must guide our services at all times.
  • Safety and security are essential to achieving personal outcomes.
  • Respect for personal choice and the preservation of dignity are crucial.
  • Professionalism and collaboration are essential to the achievement of personal outcomes and objectives as stated in each treatment plan.
  • Compliance with applicable state and federal statutes, rules, regulations, and policies will be maintained.
  • Quality assurance will be ongoing to identify areas of improvement to improve services provided to service recipients.
  • Training requirements specific to each of our vendors’ rules and policies will be maintained at all times.